Zoom Classes

HOLIDAY / Teenage & Afterschool Zoom cooking classes 

Join Sassy Stirrers and learn new cooking skills in a fun way.  Susan or Caroline cookalong with your children sharing their tips, keeping guidance easy-to-follow and students create delicious cooking while having fun and relaxing.

Suitable for 5-14 yrs, we are offering cooking classes most days in the holidays with recipes ranging from sweet cookies, yummy traybake brownies to savoury treats to enjoy for lunch or dinner.

Book your place at https://sassystirrerscookingclub.bookwhen.com

Zoom & In-person Classes

How does it work?….very easily!

Once you have registered you will get your Zoom invite plus a list of ingredients and equipment to have ready to use in the class. You will then get a reminder to join at your reserved time, join us online and get baking. Your children will prepare their treats with our help and may even bake something for your lunch dinner. We will also show your children how to tidy up afterwards, so it’s a brilliant opportunity to learn life skills.

Lots to choose from…

WEDNESDAYS 4.10 – 5.10PM
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Join us on Thursdays (term time only) and learn to cook new recipes from around the world just in time to share for dinner. Mostly midweek meals experimenting with new flavours such as Indonesian Sambal Curry, Chinese Stirfry, Lebanese Koftas, Burgers…lots of delicious-ness to share!

Our latest Zoom course is underway but new course dates will be announced soon. If you are interested in our next course, please contact us at info@sassystirrers.com and we will add you to our mailing list.

Zoom not suitable?  Complete the skills part of your award with one of our ONLINE cooking courses specifically designed for BRONZE, SILVER OR GOLD.

Some of our recipes include; squishy chocolate cookies, lime drizzle cake, savoury rolls, slightly spicy curry, burgers, pasta bake, one pot roast, brownies and salted caramel pud.
£96.00 per student. Book now to save your place.

We love teaching you to love cooking.

For enquiries or further details please contact info@sassystirrers.com


Zoom & In-person Classes